Frequently Asked Questions

More answers can be found if you Download Spinnder from the App Store and view the FAQ screen within the Help section.

Or you can Contact Us directly.

What is Spinnder exactly & how does it work?

Spinnder is first and foremost a fun way to meet new people with similar interests online. Next, it’s a slot machine game for winning points that can be used to unlock premium app features to get noticed more, view private media, buy virtual gifts for friends, redeem valuable discount coupons and more. You simply sign up, create a profile, upload a picture of yourself and start spinning. As soon as you start winning major points you will be asked to spend them on all the cool features!

How does the slot machine feature work?

The slot machine works just like a real slot machine online or in a casino, simply press SPIN and win mega points for premium features, gifts and coupons all while getting matched up with some of the coolest people in your location or around the world depending on your user search settings.

Does Spinnder cost anything?

Spinnder is completely free to start using and even offers premium features for free if you win enough points. If you dont have the time to keep spinning for points and just want all the VIP premium features you can purchase them in-app from just $3 a week!

Is Spinnder safe to use and link my Facebook account?

The Spinnder app uses secure personal API calls to safeguard logins and the same SSL data encryption methods that protect all the major sites and apps of the world for social media, banking and data storage. Apple is also known for it’s strict app guidelines and has approved us for download and use around the world.

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